Mathematics for Computational Intelligence Systems (M·CIS)

This research team is leaded by Prof. Jesús Medina, who  has an experience of more than 20 years, and it has developed innovative mathematical tools for the extraction, management and prediction of information from databases, being evident in more than 200 international scientific publications, and in the different competitive research projects it leads. These tools can be used for the well-known Big Data treatment, for its strength and traceability. The use of these formal tools allows a detailed knowledge of the behavior of the analyzed knowledge system (database). This fact provides greater robustness to the obtained predictive models and to the designed recommended system and, consequently, to the final developed product. Therefore, these tools will be very interesting in the Artificial Intelligence part of the project.


Current European and National projects:

  • Reference and title: CA17124 DIGital FORensics: evidence Analysis via intelligent Systems and Practices (DigForASP)
Action Chair: Jesús Medina (Universidad de Cádiz)
Participants: More than 120 researchers from 34 countries.
From September 10th, 2018, to September 9th, 2022.
  • Title: Fuzzy formal tools for non canonical reasoning. HARMONIC: Spanish title: Herramientas formAles difusas para RazonaMientO No canónICo.
Principal Investigator: Jesús Medina (Universidad de Cádiz)
National project with reference: TIN2016-76653-P.
From 30/12/2016 to  29/12/2019
  • Title: Mathgreen: Fuzzy mathematical techniques for renewable energy challenges in a discrete framework. Spanish tittle: Técnicas matemáticas difusas para los retos de las energías renovables en un marco discreto
Principal Investigator: Jesús Medina (Universidad de Cádiz)
Regional project (R & D & I projects under the FEDER Andalucía 2014-2020 Operational Program).
From 2020 to 2022.


Transference of Knowledge. Projects with companies: 

  • Title: BIG DATA at CBC (Centro Bahía de Cádiz).
Principal investigator: Fco. Javier Pérez-Fernández
Project with the company: AIRBUS Defense & Space.
From 24/04/2017  to 31/12/2018.
  • Title: (GEN-MCIS) Intelligent system to the optimization of photovoltaic plants. Spanish tittle: Sistema inteliGENte para la optiMizaCión de Instalaciones fotovoltaicaS
Principal Investigator: Jesús Medina (Universidad de Cádiz)
Project with the company: Grupo Energético de Puerto Real (GEN)
From April 1st, 2019, to  January 1st, 2020.
  • Title: New methods of prediction, manufacturing and application of supplements.
Spanish title: Nuevos métodos de predicción, fabricación y aplicación de suplementos.
English Program: UIC Airbus DS-UCA para el desarrollo de tecnologías de fabricación avanzada en la industria aeronáutica.
Project with the company: AIRBUS Defense & Space.
Principal investigator: Antonio Juan Gámez-López
From 2019 to 2022.


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  • Interview with Jesús Medina on Canal Sur TV (Spanish TV Channel):

  • Interview with Jesús Medina and María José Benítez on Onda Cadiz TV (Spanish TV Channel):



J. Medina is also coordinator of:
Herramientas para el tratamiento de la incertidumbre en los datos
Máster en Big Data. Universidad Internacional de Andalucía.